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Ossama Lamlum
Fully Working Asphalt Mixing Plant Needed

We are interested in used, fully operational asphalt mixing plant - required for Libya.

Computerised with minimum 120 tonnes production per hour or above, up to 230T.

Mixer plant need to be complete and fully operational, including raw material tanks (8-10) each 40t approx. with bitumen hearers, electric generator, etc.

We are looking for an MCO truck as well.

We prefer EU/US made plant (e.g. German/Italian/UK origin) but willing to consider other options.

Year of manufacture, approx. 1990+ (and above, depending on make/condition).

Looking to make a purchase within 12 weeks.

If you have something to offer, please contact us with specs, current state, and any known issues, photos/videos will be of help as well. Hopefully, if you have what we are looking for, we can arrange an inspection visit.

Thank you in advance.


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